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53 Degrees North – Part 2

So yesterday I showed you work from the main room:

Emma gave it a thumbs up! Now it’s on to the rest of the exhibition…

Above, is work by the boys from the ‘web team’ responsible for the 53dn website. They happen to be playing monopoly/’looking after’ the exhibition until 4pm today so I’m sure they would appreciate some visitors if you can make it down to TPH – just under 2 hours left if you have nothing else to do!

On the right are Oli Phillips’ and Luke Turner’s vinyl designs blown up large, which really helps to see the details. I really like the style of Oli’s illustration and it kinda reminds me of one that I pinned onto Pinterest the other week by UoL Illustration student Nicola Porter – I just like line drawings I guess!

On the left is one of Paul Wormleighton’s typographic quotes from ‘The Worst Thing Is…’ series. He had a couple dotted around the exhibition, the one below was in the main room:

But I think my fave is the one about Lunch – I can relate!

There was also a collection of vinyls, for which each student chose their own song to represent. It was great to see such a variety and you could tell that the students had really engaged with the project – a lot of great finishes used! My faves include:

By Jason McDonald, Matt Taylor, Kate Johansson, Oli Phillips, Lucy Goodwin, Danielle Smith, Amy Barden, Ruth d’Andilly-Clune and Mereltje van Oord.

One that I found particularly clever was Ruth’s:

I love all that kind of 3D red and blue(well in this case green) image tricks – very clever.

Something for those with a sweet tooth; an edible calendar by Karlijn Burm…

…typography that looks good enough to eat!

Moving into the last room…

…a variety of innovative packaging solutions for the YCN Google brief. The above by Dan Ridgway, Anouk Kools and Lucy Goodwin. A few of the smaller pieces are displayed on a table:

Jason McDonald’s was simple but effective and Sam Hartill used mugs which I thought was clever and something a bit different to all of the paper engineering! The YCN results are yet to be announced but I have my fingers crossed that some of these will be rewarded!

Sam has also had her work featured on Lovely Package

… because it’s lovely!

Daniel Waterhouse’s typographic sea food restaurant branding is simple but clever…

and the same can be said for Danielle Smith’s Lomography campaign. Great colours, energy and style – could definitely feature in any fashion magazine!

And last but not least, Melissa Edwards’ Obsessive Tissues:

I’m a sucker for hand drawn type and I love the humour and quirkiness in these little confessions.

Oh and I can’t forget portfolio corridor:

Such a great idea to display everyone’s portfolios – helps to make connections between students and work and see the progression. I really enjoyed looking through them all! It made me nervous but motivated at the same time. It’s a big and exciting but scary world out there and I can’t say I envy the 3rd years at the moment. I’m glad I have another year left because I feel like I still have a long way to grow yet!

So that concludes my visit to 53 Degrees North. So much great work! I’ve got to know quite a few of the 3rd years since doing the Inter-year challenge and it’s been a  short but sweet experience. They’re a great bunch, with some really interesting characters and I know they will go on to do some great things (so remember me when it comes to offering placements etc)! I hope they haven’t found me too annoying and come back to visit our show next year…

… but there’s still time for you to visit their show! It’s the last day on Friday (15th) so make sure you take advantage and go to look at all of their hard work. 10 – 4pm… go, go, go!

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