Adventure to the big city

Honey, I’m home… from the big city (although, not for long as I’m going back for New Blood)!

To me, London is a scary but exciting place. It’s always portrayed to be the creative hub of England, which I guess is due to it’s prestigious creative Universities and the abundance of design studios based there. As a student, London has been somehow painted into my mind as a step of natural progression in my career – everyone seems to go there eventually. I won’t start the whole ‘Do you have to move to London to become a successful Graphic Designer?’ debate here but lets just say that as a small town girl, London is a big step for me. I wanted to test out London living, so spent 4 days exploring: (Oh, cheese warning: It would have been rude not to, so I did the whole tourist thing.)

Day 1

Spent most of the day travelling…

Kings Cross’ roof

…but went to Westfields in the evening for a spot of shopping. The weirdest thing was that shops are open late so it felt a lot earlier than it was – shopping until 9PM! I was pleased with the triangle themed clothing:

Day 2

Ventured to the picturesque area of Notting Hill…

… to find the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising – over 12,000 items collected over the years by Robert Opie.

I had been before, but it’s one of those places that there is SO MUCH to look at that you find new things every time you visit…

… interesting to see the similarities in the visual style of competing brands…

… and was reminded of how supermarket value range branding has raised it’s game! It’s also great to see how brands have evolved over time:

Then the touristy bits…

… walked along the river to Big Ben and then did the Princess of Wales memorial walk to…

… Buckingham Palace to wave at the Queen – I warned you it was cheesy! Did a lot of walking that day – who needs the tube? ha

I’ll post the second half of the trip later – includes CSM degree show and my appreciation of London’s typography!

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