Adventure to the big city #2

Day 3

St Bride’s Print Library was closed 🙁

So back onto the tube…

Thank god for Harry Beck’s underground map system… I guess I didn’t really realise before but without it, I would have been very lost! Also, I really love that the stations have different ‘personalities’ through the wall murals and typography:

… didn’t appreciate the 5 million stairs at Covent Garden though!

Saw this (wobbly)hand set old school cinema style board in Selfridges’ window…

… and made a visit to the Troika V&A Palindrome, which I was disappointed to discover wasn’t working 🙁

Started to feel a bit peckish so Jack suggested going to Leon which has a great vintage style brand image…

Some of it is a bit mismatched but I think that adds to the eclectic feel? What do you think?

Some nice little details I thought and tasty too!

I’ve decided to do a separate post for the CSM Graphic Design degree show because I looked over the photos again and there are loads! I’m going to New Blood tomorrow so will have lots of work from other Universities too – talent spotting! Soooooo excited!

Also, I had some great news whilst I was away – I’ve won a website/blog review by David Airey! Thanks to Evolution&Us, what a great prize!

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