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Triangle Friday #4

It’s amazing how fast this past week has gone…Happy Tri Fri! It’s been a month now, but if you’re still not sure what Tri Fri is then have a look here.

This post is in relation to a mini discussion that I saw/joined in with on twitter. I’m sure they won’t mind me talking about it here… anything said on twitter is basically public and up for discussion, right? A screenshot of work featuring triangles was posted to twitter and the response given was that triangles have ‘too much hype’ and ‘were ‘in’ last year’.

Triangles are apparently ‘hipster’ but I liked triangles a long time before it was ‘cool’ to and will long after! I know not everyone is as enthusiastic about triangles as I am (and they don’t have to be!), but I know these people would disagree with triangles being ‘last year’:

From the simple…

(Jared Leto of 30 seconds to Mars)

… to triangle overload…

… the triangle love is very strong!

I’ve read a bit into the symbolism behind triangle tattoos but there are so many meanings that like anything, it’s open to interpretation. You can read a range of meanings for triangles here and here.

Tattoos are becoming more ‘acceptable’ in society today and people are becoming a lot more daring with what they have done. As a creative person, I quite like tattoos but I don’t feel the need to get one. I feel they are for life(even though you can get them removed) and should really symbolise/mean something to the person. I’m quite indecisive, so I think it will be very hard for me to pick something that I really want on my body for the rest of my life. In the future, who knows? But I won’t be getting inked any time soon.

Do you have a triangle tattoo? Send me a pic!

Have you got some triangular goodness that you would like me to feature? Read more here and don’t forget to join in with #trianglefriday on twitter! See you next Friday!

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