Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2012

I received an unexpected email on Monday evening…

…from the Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

Last month I made a last minute decision to submit 2 pieces of work about 2 hours before the deadline. I hadn’t planned on entering because it’s an international competition and I didn’t think I really stood a chance against the Adobe suite masters of the world. But then I thought: ‘It’s free, so what have I got to lose?’. It turns out that my Confessions of a Blog-a-holic data visualisation was put through to the next stage! The answer to my question? Nothing to lose!

There are 3 other Lincolner’s (that I know of) in the semi-finals too: Sunjay, Ruth and Caroline. Congrats guys – we’re putting Lincoln on the map!

So fingers crossed, I’m sending it off to California… if I can get it printed for a reasonable price that is. At Uni it’s £3 for an A2 print, but I’ve looked at prices for printers locally (I’m home for the summer) and they are £15 and upwards – ridiculous! It would actually be cheaper for me to travel back to Lincoln to print it off myself, so I might end up doing that.

Wish me luck!


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