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Triangle Friday #7

Happy Tri Fri! I’m trying my best to give you a bit of triangular variation every week., so this week I give you:

The branding for new fashion brand Moxham was created by Leeds studio, The Consult. The logo is built from triangles, but I can make out an M and an X hidden in there? The font is simple and bold, with all the letters being symmetrical like the logo.

Moxham describes themselves as being ‘wearable construction’ which I think is a very appropriate way to describe their interesting pieces:

I really love the photography style and think that the printed brochure and postcards really compliment it.  I’m also a fan of the gold foil finishing – makes it look expensive (well, it is) and luxurious.

Now, I am a total fan of brown paper/cardboard and like the simplicity of the screen printed logo (not sure about the orange though) but I’m not sure if it’s quite right for the product…?

Black bubble packets? That’s more like it! I would be so excited to receive one of these in the post. I think they just look so classy and expensive – what do you think?

Got something triangularly cool? Share it with me (read more here) and don’t forget to join in with #trianglefriday on twitter! Enjoy the weekend!


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