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Triangle Friday #9

Happy Triangle Friday!

As a girl, no trip to London is complete without a spot of shopping. Back in July when I was in London for the Studio Culture talk series, Emma & I went to Westfields shopping centre at White City. We didn’t end up doing that much shopping (poor, poor students) but I did enjoy this:

Ooooh! Triangles!

The curvy triangular roof is pretty spectacular if you ask me – better than a boring flat one! It was designed by Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering (Stuttgart, Germany). I really like how the pattern has been used to allow light through in an interesting way, leading the eye through the shopping centre.

Great stuff!

Have you got some triangular goodness that you would like me to feature? Read more here and don’t forget to join in with #trianglefriday on twitter! See you next Friday!

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