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Triangle Friday #11

Happy Triangle Friday! It’s a beautiful day here in Lincoln (UK) but if the sun isn’t shining where you are then here’s some triangle loveliness to brighten your day!

Carrying on from last week, I’m still appreciating collage but what do you get when you also mix in some aztec patterns, fluorescent colours and animals?

Kris Tate’s work, that’s what!

From simple line drawings to complex, crazy collages…

….Kris’ work is tri-tastic!


The colours are so bright, summery and fun. I can’t help but think of parties and  Piñatas. I love the use of woodland animals too – deer, owls, wolves and grizzly bears. I can just imagine all of the animals having a piñata party!

I found Kris’ work whilst browsing society6.

If you haven’t heard of/been on society6, you are missing out! It’s an online shop that allows artists and designers from all over the world to get their work noticed and make money. If you see something you love, you can choose it as a print, canvas, iphone cover, T-shirt and more.

I hope that brightened your day? Have you got some triangular goodness that you would like me to feature? Read more here and don’t forget to join in with #trianglefriday on twitter. Have a great weekend everyone!

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