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Triangle Friday #13

Happy Triangle Friday – it’s lucky number 13!

I’m always on the look out for the most interesting triangular things to share with you guys and I’m building up quite a big list now. I’ve had this particular work planned for a couple of weeks, which now seems to have been ‘meant to be’ – it will all make sense in a minute…

So, feast your eyes on these amazing beasts:

Fierce, sharp and beautiful – a wolf and rhino…

… mirror sculptures from a solo exhibition by Arran Gregory. I love all of the different reflected angles – it makes them so interesting. Imagine what would happen if you shined loads of lights onto it! Arran has also produced this one:

but I much prefer the mirror ones. I think they’re more magical, do you agree?

So what was I saying about it being meant to be? Earlier this week I got sent a link to the new AlunaGeorge (who I LOVE) video which is actually set in Arran’s exhibition:

I think it’s great to see an exhibition used for something a bit different and also I couldn’t spot the cameraman in the reflection of the wolf at all – nice work! The song’s pretty catchy too 🙂

As well as the sculpture work, Arran is a pretty good illustrator and these patterns are right up my street:

I think they’d make a great pattern on a christmas jumper! What do you think? haha

Has something triangular caught your eye recently – maybe you’ve seen a tri-tastic christmas jumper!? Share it with me! Read more here and don’t forget to join in with #trianglefriday on twitter.

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    Triangles I find to be the most interesting shapes. I use them more often in my collages than I do anywhere else. Also a big fan of the duo AlunaGeorge who are an alternative artistic group approaching music is a more exciting form.

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