The beginning of the end

Today was my first day back at Uni. I was so excited/nervous about going back for my final year in education – eeek!

In 3rd year, students are divided into 2 classes/teams, Emigre and Zembla, which adds a bit of friendly competition. I’m in team Zembla:

Go team Zembla! Zembla was a super cool literary and arts magazine. It’s unfortunately not in print  anymore, but eight issues were published between 2003 and 2005. With Vince Frost as creative director and Matt Willey (of Studio 8) as design director, of course Zembla was going to look amazing:

We got our first brief for Design Communication today and I can’t say it’s my favourite yet. It’s something I’ve not done before and totally out of my comfort zone so I’m a bit scared and unsure about what the outcome will be – Experience design. I’ve done a bit of research this evening and I’m starting to understand it a bit more though so maybe it won’t be as bad as I first thought. I’m going on a research adventure tomorrow so that should help too…

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