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Triangle Friday #14

Happy Tri Fri everyone! I am under the weather at the moment but writing this post is cheering me up. It’s amazing the effect that triangles can have, hey?

Today is the first Friday of my last year at University. I’ve been getting back into the swing of things this week, buying Graphic Design student essentials – printer ink, pens, glue etc and I’ve also been shopping for a notebook. My search for a perfect notebook continues, but I saw this and knew I had to share it:

How AWESOME is that?

It’s a limited edition triangular notebook designed by Tan Mavitan. It was available to buy from MoMA who had this to say about it:

‘MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art, has proved that an average notebook doesn’t have to be square or rectangular. Designed by Tan Mavitan, the Triangle Notebook is available at MOMA’s Destination Istanbul collection. We are not sure if the Turks use triangle notebooks, but we would definitely love to!’

Unfortunately, as I said, it is a limited edition notebook and when I clicked to buy it I was met with this:

It’s no longer available 🙁 I’m not sure if I could justify spending $17.95 (roughly £11) anyway, especially with my track record of notebooks:

I find it SO HARD to make the first mark in a notebook for fear of making a mistake. I like notebooks/sketchbooks to look ‘nice’ and structured – I don’t like starting a page without knowing what I’m going to put on it. That probably sounds a bit weird but I guess it’s just what happens when you get Graphic Designer OCD? I have to write/draw in pen otherwise I will never make a permanent mark – oh dear!

Does anyone own one of these amazing triangular notebooks? I’d love to see one being used. I don’t know what I would put in mine (if I had one – hypothetically speaking). I probably wouldn’t be able to put anything in it for fear of ruining it haha

Has something caught your tri-tention recently? I’d love to see it. Read more here and don’t forget to join in with #trianglefriday on twitter.


  • artreviewed

    29/09/2012 at 5:15 pm

    Oh god! I need that notebook!!!! Its lovely! I have tons of them but none that are the “perfect one” and Im sure that this one is it…

  • freckledfox

    01/10/2012 at 10:35 pm

    I am totally with you on the fear of ruining a beautiful sketchbook/notebook with something that just doesn’t work out the way I saw it in my head. haha. Completely irrational. Glad I’m not the only one!

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