MeUniversityWhere the magic happens…

… I’m talking about my desk/workspace of course!

Having the right work atmosphere is really important for me as I admit, I get distracted  sometimes. Last year I had my bed next to my desk, which sometimes resulted in me laying down to think for a bit and falling asleep. Well that’s not going to happen this year! I’ve moved my room around so that I now have a proper workspace and floorspace to spread all my development work out too. Hopefully this will help me stay focused and produce some good work this year.

This is where my magic happens:

It looks lovely and tidy but I guarantee that it won’t stay like this once I start doing my work!

I’ve acquired a few posters and prints in the past year so I thought it was about time I started enjoying them, rather than keeping them in a safe place. In the top left you can just about see the beautiful ‘You do best what you do most’ lino print which was a present from my college tutor (you can buy more of his work here). Just above my printer is the Simply Grotesk print by Tom Davies of studiotwentysix2 which I was lucky enough to win. You can also see the black & gold ‘Kern’ print on top my fireplace – another competition win from the guys Pixel One. I’ve been quite lucky with competitions 🙂  I also have some new letters; a pink fluoro ‘S’ and a massive ‘N’ which I rescued from being thrown out at Accessorize this summer – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

I’ve spoken briefly about the banner over my desk before I think? Basically, I had some wallpaper lining left over from a project in 1st year and decided to use it to stick inspirational imagery and brighten my room up. A year on and it’s been a bit neglected really – I haven’t managed to fill it yet!

I’ve still got the D&AD yellow pencil hanging above my desk to remind me what I’m aiming for – maybe one day it won’t be cardboard haha

What does your desk/workspace look like? I found this site, Where we design, and have seen some amazing studios which I would love to work in:

Trapped in Suburbia’s studio looks so fun!

I love Loop’s big ideas blackboard wall…

… but think that Raw’s whiteboard version would be a lot less mess. I think the Raw studio has a great layout and shows the importance of light, whether it be from double doors leading to a roof terrace (amazing!!)…

… or the gothic style window in Jules Akel’s converted church studio. And I can’t forget something closer to home:

In the window of Thomas Parker House (my Uni building) ex Lincoln GDers Tom Lovell and Shaun Hughes set up a studio and asked the industry to ‘Keep us busy’. What a great idea!

So, what’s your dream workspace like? Crazy and cluttered with inspiration or minimal and clinical?


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