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Triangle Friday #15

Happy Triangle Friday! For me, today doesn’t feel like a Friday (what does a Friday ‘feel’ like anyway?), but looking at this cover for Novum magazine definitely got me in the Tri Fri mood:

Novum is a German Graphic Design magazine which began as ‘Gebrauchsgrafik’ (German for advertising art) back in 1924. As far as I know, it’s not available to buy single issues in the UK (but you can subscribe) which is a shame.

In 2011, Hamburg based studio, Paperlux, were commissioned to design the November cover and they went all out. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome, not only do these covers look tri-tastic, but they are gymnasts! They can twist and turn and flex thanks to the amazing intricate die-cutting:

There is a fold line along every side of the 1000 brightly coloured triangles which make up the cover’s patterns…

The printing process was even filmed:

Apparently when this idea was being developed Paperlux where told by many that it was “in no way possible,” but obviously they proved everyone wrong and it turned out to be AMAZING! They’ve really pushed the boundaries of magazine design in my opinion. I could probably be kept amused for hours by one of these covers, but the limited edition of 15,000 copies sold out – no surprise there! Maybe I will come across one in the future, but until then I guess I will just have to keep watching the video like the triangle loser I am! 🙂

It’s great to see that triangles are helping to ‘pave the way’ for new innovative ideas. Has something caught your tri-tention recently? I’d love to see it. Read more here and don’t forget to join in with #trianglefriday on twitter.


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