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Triangle Friday #17

Happy Tri Fri! This week I’ve been working hard to meet my first deadline back at University. I’ve been dabbling in a bit of model making and interior design to create an experience. More on that soon, but I thought this lovely wallpaper was kind of appropriate considering what I’ve been working on:

I love this triangular patterned wallpaper by Custhom. The above is a roll from the Goldsmiths collection, created for the Design Museum shop. It’s embroidered AND hand block printed. It’s also £170 per 10 metre roll – EEEEEK!

Custhom have also produced a collection named Bermondsey Square:

It’s hand foiled, so no surprise that it’s £240 per 10 metre roll. But it is beautiful.

When I’m rich and famous (a girl can dream) I’ll have this on the walls of my studio. Or maybe I’ll design my own…

I hope you all have a tri-tastic weekend. Got anything triangular to share? I’d love to see it so get in touch (read more here).

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