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Triangle Friday #18

Happy Triangle Friday! It’s turned very autumny in the last couple of days; the nights are drawing in and there’s lots of lovely colourful leaves scattered on the pavements. The only downside is the cold – winter is definitely on it’s way!

I’ve been quite (VERY) busy with Uni work this week (again) and I was just going to post a photo and an excuse/apology, but as I walked back from the studio I had an idea:

I hope you like them because I must have looked crazy (no change there) shaping piles of leaves into triangles haha! I also did a video as it’s quite windy, so you can have the full effect – it’s as if you were there with me 🙂

I just did these quickly before it got dark, but I’m sure you can do a better version – send them to me! I’d love to see them so get in touch (read more here). I hope you all have a tri-tastic weekend.

P.s. I promise I will come up with something better next week 🙂

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