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Trick or treat: All Year Day

So yesterday was Halloween and Lincoln GD were celebrating in the way we know best: being creative. We did an inter-year design challenge around the end of last year and it was a good opportunity to meet some people from other years and just a great laugh. With it falling on Halloween & the 3rd years having been working on some skulls in mentoring, it made sense that we continued with the Day of the dead theme!

So, what happened? Well…

Here’s my group hard at work; Heather & Liam (brave first years) and Charlie, Sam & Becky (3rd years).

We decided to create a 3D sombrero wearing skull using some random bits and bobs that I brought in (tissue paper, feathers, string, flamingos!)…

Elsewhere in the studio…

… Emj & Emma were making sugar skull inspired masks…

… Amber’s team were using flowers and doilies….

… Laura was carving a marrow…

…. Joe was playing with a glove…

…. and Tom was doing his usual cheesy pose, whilst Glen was making skulls from our off cuts:

And ta-dah:

Our 3D sombrero wearing skull looks awesome!
I mentioned last week that we are going to start making more use of the window in TPH from now on, so it was out with the 2nd years’ book sculptures and in with the skulls:

I helped arrange the skulls in the window and it was great to see all of the teams proudly bringing their creations to be hung. There was even a contribution from  our lecturer, Glen:

And then the arranging began:

It was nice to have all the students come and watch the window filling up and it  attracted attention from passerbys too.

Thanks to everyone involved – the tutors for arranging it and the students that bothered to turn up and have a bit of a break from the seriousness of our assessed work. The window looks brilliant and everyone really got into the spirit of things – It’s amazing what you can achieve in just 2 hours!

You might have noticed that I haven’t included a photo of the final display? That’s because I’m going to take photos of the final display later tonight – it will become clear why! So check back later tonight/tomorrow for a (trick or) treat!

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