Behind the scenes – Austerity Measures Photoshoot

After a lot of planning, this morning it was finally time to do the photo shoot for the group project. I don’t think I’ve really mentioned about the latest project – it’s a group magazine project with the theme being ’21st century’. My group is Amber, Emma, Lucy, Sunjay, Tom and myself – with our magazine being called Divide.

The brief requires us 13 pages each individually, as well as a front cover and a group photo story on the theme of ‘austerity measures’.  After several phone calls, we secured permission to use a local location known as Liquorice Park.

We gathered a team of photographers and models an and hoped for the best with the weather. It was just typical of the British weather that once we got on location it rained! Luckily it stopped and we set to work:

…and then just as we were finishing up, it rained again! Fingers crossed the photos will come out awesome!

Thanks to everyone that helped – Steve, Josh, Sunjay, Tom & Evelyn on photography and Amber, Lucy, Emma, Talveer, Jack, Sara & Glen on modelling. It was great fun!

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