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Just thought I would do a quick post about why I’ve been at Uni on a Saturday. Emma & I have been helping out with the University of Lincoln open days for a couple of weeks now. We both love to talk and we both love our course, so I guess we are the perfect pair to talk to all of the fresh faces that could be the next generation of Lincoln Graphic Design students.

Whilst our tutors give the more formal talk, Emma & I are there to give the student perspective – so we talk about accommodation, budgeting for printing, supermarkets, drawing 100 teapots and skulls, Nandos, taking your Grandparents for a cuppa up Steep Hill (voted the best street in Britain!) & Lincoln’s endless supply of nightclubs! (We do talk about other bits & bobs but I guess you will just have to visit an open day to find out! 😛 )

As students, we know that freebies are very important, so we like to give out a little newspaper which was produced by students a few years ago:

…Emma, modelling them! I’ve also been giving my business card out too!

I thought it would be a good idea to give them out so that the students can visit my blog and look back to September 2010 (when I was a fresher) and see my Lincoln journey over the past 3 years. So if you are reading this because you came to an open day, Hello & I hope we didn’t sounds too cheesy/talk too much!

If you visited the open day today, we gave you an exclusive showing of our video from the latest group magazine project. We are so good to you guys haha :

(This photo wasn’t taken when showing it to prospective students – Emma’s not always this cheesy ha)

I’ve really enjoyed talking to people and have heard some interesting stories and opinions about Lincoln and other Universities. Hopefully Emma & I have helped some students who are finding it hard to make that all important decision and pick the right University for them. I know that Lincoln isn’t going to be the right place for everyone, but I hope that we  showed people the great things that Lincoln GD has to offer.

Now back to work! The deadline is Thursday…

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