Visiting Creative: Steve Fenn

I’m a bit behind schedule (I went to London – more about that soon), but on Thursday we were lucky enough to have ex-Lincolner Steve Fenn visit and crit work for our group magazine project.

Our tutor, Glen, and Steve looked through our magazine spreads as we explained our ethos, articles and design choices. Steve had worked at Studio8 before they split, but now has his own studio with other ex- Lincolner, Tom Pollard – Design by St.

After the crit, the group decided to pin everything up and look at it all together…

… Tom stuck our mini spreads up and then Lucy and Sunjay talk through them …

… and then we looked at the smaller details:

Not long left on this project now – deadline is Thursday! Eeek! Thanks to Steve for his advice and coming to visit, aswell as to Glen for arranging for Steve to come.

I can’t wait to get the whole magazine put together and finished – it’s going to be a great feeling.

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