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(not intended to sound like the Chuckle Brothers, but hey…)

So I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now. In the beginning this blog was just about me keeping a record of my journey through college and it was just me talking to myself. Fast forward to now, and my blog is a lot more than that. I’m still keeping a record of my journey (through Uni), but now people actually read what I write – people from 315 countries have visited my blog!

I get complimented on my blog, which always makes me blush and have been referred to as ‘the blog girl’ which as weird as it is, is great because that was someone that I had never met before that remembered my blog!

I love blogging and would still be doing it even if no one read mine, but it’s a great feeling to think that my blog has helped people. J’adore and Triangle Friday have both provided design inspiration and I’ve heard that I’ve inspired a few people to write their own blog which is great! I’ve also been giving my blog link to students I have met whilst helping at the University open day – to give a real insight to the course. But I want to give something more to you guys.

Graphique Fantastique is really close to reaching 100,000 views – which is crazy. At the moment I’m writing this, the number stands at 99,388, but by looking at stats I predict I will reach the big 100K by the end of the week! To say thank you to everyone who reads, likes, comments and follows I want to give you the opportunity to win a silk screen printed poster:

This is a poster which I produced for a group magazine project . It’s the optimistic version because I feel that a positive outlook on life is the best to have and I would like to think it’s an attitude that my blog conveys. It’s just smaller than A3, printed with white ink on fluorescent orange paper (Paperchase’s finest!). I only printed 10 of these so it’s limited edition, and when I’m famous it might be worth something? (a girl can dream) ha

To win, either send me an email including your name (and a nice message if you like) to – OR tweet/retweet this:
I’m helping @natashanuttall celebrate 100K views for & want to win the fluoro poster for my wall RT TO ENTER

Spread the word 🙂 I’ll pick the winner a week today,on Tuesday 27th November at 9PM (UK time) so keep your fingers crossed! Winning this poster will brighten up your day – it literally will; the orange is that bright! 🙂

Good Luck 🙂

Someone asked me to see a close up of the details of the type, so here’s a close up of the digital file which I used to print from:

So you can tell now – the type has been sliced and framed by 2 lines at the top and bottom. It’s set in the lovely Didot too 🙂

So at around 2PM UK Time on 23rd November, this happened:

100,003 views! Thanks to everyone who has supported my blog since I began posting on WordPress in June 2009 (and before on blogspot from Jan 2009). I really appreciate every view, comment and follower 🙂

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