Roll up, roll up – Barrie’s circus is in town!

So it’s onto the next project – ISTD with Barrie & Philippa. For our introductory lesson yesterday, we were asked to bring A2 layout pads, scalpels and glue – intruiging. It turned out that we were going to be making really quick, circus themed posters using letters of a variety of sizes. This isn’t random – one of the ISTD briefs is called Circus:

Emma works on her zombie clowns poster…

… whilst the rest of studio was buzzing – paper everywhere!

Tom places a C, whilst T adds the final letter to his poster.

We each created several quick posters, all themed around the circus but depending on which type of act our ringmaster (Barrie) called out. You had to be really fast with a scalpel or have great scissor skills to get everything cut out in time before Barrie moved onto the next poster:


A trapeze artist and a chainsaw juggler…


… a lion tamer and an x-rated freakshow…


… a tight rope walker and knife throwers…


… weird clowns and jugglers.

It was good fun, but I’m a bit slow so I might have to add a bit more to a couple of my posters.

We only have 3 weeks on ISTD (EEEEK!) so things need to move on quite quickly. With this in mind I chose my brief, Sound Bites, and started jotting ideas on the train back from London on Saturday. So trying to make the most of my time, I popped up to the print room for a bit after the poster making:

What a busy day! Zzzzz! (I still went to the library last night too!)

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