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Triangle Friday #22

Happy Triangle Friday! Today Graphique Fantastique has reached 100,000 views, which is awesome – thanks for all of your support! So how to celebrate? A party!? And what do you have at parties…?

Jelly (& ice cream) and music! Noisy Jelly is an awesome experiemental collaboration between Marianne Cauvard and Raphael Pluvinage:

You can create jellies in a variety of colours and shapes which produce different sounds. When placed on the game board, the fun begins:

How amazing is that? It’s such a fun idea – I love it!

And of course, the triangular pyramid jellies are the best!

I hope you all have a tri-tastic weekend. Maybe you should make some jellies…? Got anything triangular to share? I’d love to see it so get in touch (read more here).

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