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As I mentioned before, I had such a great time at the St Bride event and the ‘goody bag’ items did not disappoint either! I arranged all of my goodies neatly:

Firstly, the event programme:

It was simple typography with lovely fluoro pink detailing.

The Monotype type spec booklets went like hot cakes! The problem was that some people were being a bit greedy and taking one of every colour. You can see from my photo here, that there were about 14 different booklets so by the time I got to the table there weren’t many left! I thought it was really unfair so I choose just 3 so that the people behind me would be able to get some too…

I mentioned that I met Justin, whose blog I have been following for a while. He was manning the Fenner Paper stand, from which I picked up this really handy booklet about paper sizes, pagination, binding and folding techniques:

The last stand in the room was from GF Smith who gave us some lovely paper stock samples:

The great thing about GF Smith is that they don’t just give plain bits of paper for samples, they present them in creative and innovative ways. They collaborate with studios to produce something beautiful, using genius folds and die cuts.

I also picked up an amazing samples box, designed by SEA Design:

The burst of yellow is lovely with the silver and white!

And last but not least, some bits and bobs from the speakers:

Desmond Jeffrey by Spike Island and City Edition, L’automatica and Peter Nencini…

… and October Press.
If you haven’t already, you should definitely give my posts on the talks a read: Part 1 & Part 2. Thanks to all involved in the event.

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