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Triangle Friday #23


Happy Triangle Friday! From something a bit wacky last week (Noisy Jelly) to something delicately beautiful this week:



Matthew Shlian‘s paper craft is just amazing. A lot of his work features triangles… I guess it’s just because it’s the best shape 😉


Watch him in action:

Wow. I can’t believe how easily he folds it back together at 1.40 – skill!

In a way, I kinda feel a cheated because initially I thought he had cut everything by hand with a scalpel, but if the technology is there it should be used & especially if it’s able to do that with paper!



I wonder if he gets a lot of paper cuts… I would probably need a whole cupboard of plasters!

I hope that’s inspired you to have a tri-tastic weekend. Got anything triangular to share with the world? I’d love to see it so get in touch (read more here).

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