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Triangle Friday #25

Happy Tri Fri! It was hard for me (as I’m usually a scrooge), but this week I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t ignore Christmas for any longer thanks to this book:

Triangle trees…

… triangle birds and triangle boats.

This is ‘The Fir Tree’ which is a traditional Danish Christmas story by Hans Christian Andersen. This particular edition was tri-tastically illustrated by Sanna Annukka (half Finnish/half English). During her childhood, she spent many summers in Finland of which the memories now influence her work – the forests, lakes and wildlife.

She has beautifully combined triangles, patterns and amazing colour palettes  – it’s a winner for me!

It was only released last Friday so get it while it’s hot – available to buy here.

You may recognise her illustration style from a pretty successful album cover; Keane’s ‘Under the Iron Sea’ which sold millions of copies but sadly it features no triangles!

But Sanna’s other work contains plenty of triangles:

Notebooks. You can never have enough triangular covered notebooks, right?

And some lovely things for your wall:

I love the mixture of shapes and lines to create the different birds. I can’t think of anyone else who can use circles and triangles and lines and dots all in one drawing and make it look this good.

I think Sanna has got an amazing eye for colour. Each print features around 3 or 4 different colours but she uses shades and tones.

I think they’re just lovely! They come with a lovely price tag too (£220!!!) – a little out of my student budget unfortunately. But thanks to the internet I can drool over them any time I want for free! 🙂

Check out Sanna’s website for more brilliant illustration.

Have you bought anything triangular this Christmas? I’d love to see it, so get in touch (read more here).


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