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Triangle Friday #28

Happy Tri Fri everyone! As I mentioned the other day, I’m pretty pre-occupied with a deadline at the moment so it’s a bit quiet blogging-wise but of course I have a bit of time to appreciate triangles today! I found this set of posters by Derek Kim:

If I’m honest, I don’t really know what they’re for as the writing is too small for me to read & I haven’t been able to find any information elsewhere. I just think they look pretty swish – simple and clever….

… oh, and all feature triangles so they’re approved by me 😉

I also read in an interview with Derek that he is a night owl, working best between 11pm and 3am – just like me!

A nice little set there – I’m interested to find out what they’re actually for so I’ll keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, check out more of Derek’s simply awesome work here (under the alias of Network Osaka).

I hope you all have a tri-tastic weekend. Got anything triangular to share? (Fancy making your own Derek Kim inspired posters?) I’d love to see them so get in touch (read more here).

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