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This post is very over-due. I finished this project ages ago but kept it under wraps because of competition etiquette. Unfortunately my work wasn’t chosen as a winner, but I’m still very happy with what I produced. I thought it was about time I blogged about it as I’ve had it uploaded to my website for a while and we’re about to start the 2013 YCN brief now – ooops!

Just to re-cap, the brief asked us to create a campaign to raise awareness of i newspaper amongst students. i newspaper contains articles which are brief and to the point, so I developed my campaign around the idea of the 6 basic questions: who, what, where, when, why and how? These 6 questions will give you a brief idea of what you need to know about the news story – what i is all about.

My campaign features the moustache as an icon for i. The moustache has connotations which make it a great icon: leadership/success (military), intelligence/educated (british gentleman), fun (novelty) and fashionable. I chose to use ‘Knowledge is power’ as the campaign strap line, as it worked with the idea of the moustache being a mark of success.

I produced a set of leaflets with die cut moustaches:

Each moustache contains a code which can be used in conjunction with the Smartphone app.

I also produced some billboards, which would be displayed around University campuses in places where people are waiting for a moment eg. over the top of a lift…

…or next to a cash machine:

The adverts use images from the news, in black and white for consistency, and turned 180 degrees (upside down) with one of the question prompts.

By turning the image upside down, it creates interest and makes the viewer stop and turn their head to look.

I also created a smartphone app, for use with the moustache leaflets and the newspaper articles.

The app allows the user to scroll through previews of the latest news stories (which encourages the user to buy the newspaper to find out the full story)…

… and the user can also find the nearest stockist to buy i newspaper.

The user can choose a red moustache to suit their own personality and share through social media. They can also join the Opinion community using the article specific code, see what others think and add their opinion. This creates a discussion and online buzz.

The user can select a photo from the grid to show the opinion:


….and add their own:

So that was my campaign.

Well done to the 2012 3rd years, who rocked the Google brief – Rob, Sam and Hannah! I’m a little bit biased here, but I feel like we was robbed! All of the Lincoln 2nd years attempted 1 of the 2 briefs and a lot of innovative work was produced (much more exciting than a pub quiz sheet and pen). I guess it just wasn’t what the judges were looking for, so we pick ourselves up again – better luck this year!

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