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Chitter-Chatter presents…

Fundraising is well under way in the Lincoln GD studios at the moment, and now news of my favourite event is here:

The talks team (aka Chitter-Chatter: Sam, James and Talveer) have booked YCN to kick off the talks series on Weds 13th Feb. I love the talks series as they offer an opportunity to hear about what it’s really like to be in the industry. The speakers show and explain their work and always have great anecdotes which you wouldn’t find in a book.

The 2nd years worked on a YCN student awards brief earlier this year and some 3rd years are currently undertaking the Forestry commission brief, so it’s a great time for YCN to visit.

YCN (Young Creatives Network) work with creatives to inspire, educate and provide opportunities. I visited their gallery/’shop’ in London a year ago, as at the time I was undertaking the i newspaper brief, and it was pretty cool. They also have an multi-disciplinary studio above the shop – busy, busy people!

The student awards briefs feature some big brand names – Bacardi, Lego, Ugg and Yahoo to name a few. It’s set to be a great talk, so hopefully the Cargill lecture theatre will be full. This first talk is free too – bargain!

Keep up to date with all the talks news on twitter – @Lincolngdtalks

See you there!

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