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Yesterday I had the final crit of my D&AD project with Zoe. About half way through, Barrie popped in. He said he had been interviewing a prospective student and asked them ‘Why Lincoln?’. They replied ‘Because of Natasha Nuttall’s blog’.

I couldn’t believe it! I began writing my blog when I was at college to help be more critical of my own work and engage in the design world. Since then, it has grown into a lot more than that – I have followers that look forward to Tri Fri posts every week. It’s a weird feeling for me, but a great one. I would still blog even if I was only talking to myself, but knowing that some people are reading (and hopefully enjoying) what I have to say is a great buzz.

It’s such a great feeling to think that by just blogging I have inspired someone to study Graphic Design at University, and Lincoln is a great choice. Emma & I have helped out with a couple of open days and it was great to speak to students and parents, to share our experiences and our passion for our course.

Graphic Design courses are famously known as being a lot of hard work and very stressful, but I can honestly say that I have absolutely LOVED my time at Lincoln and it already makes me sad to think that I’ll be leaving in a couple of months! I was editing my CV on Monday (which I hadn’t touched since 1st year) and I’d kind of forgotten how much I’ve achieved in the past 3 years. It wasn’t until I saw it all it written on paper, that it really hit me!

To the person who had the interview with Barrie – Thanks, yesterday I had the biggest smile! I hope it went well and fingers crossed that you will come to Lincoln and maybe even carry on the blogging legacy? Get in touch!

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