Pen Pals: Behind the Scenes

Yesterday marked the deadline for the Creative Roses Student Awards, so it’s now ok for me to post about it. About a month ago we were given the option to work on either a D&AD or YCN brief as well as undertaking the Creative Roses Pen Pals brief. We were given the option to work in pairs, so my partner in crime Emma & I teamed up.
I posted a hint of what we were producing here but I don’t think that showed enough of the journey. Emma is probably going to kill me, but here’s a few behind the scenes photos that we took along the way…

Remember, always keep your eyes on the road!

Emma taking our campaign strap line very seriously – making friends with the world/my fridge!

Shooting in our photography studio/my room…

… but we’ve always got time for a cheesy smile or two!

Crit time (with other work by Talveer & Harry and Lisa)…

…. and making final amendments:

Since first year I’ve avoided using the plotter because of a bad experience, but I decided it was about time I faced my fears…

… and it printed out! 🙂

Our final boards presenting our campaign…

… and a thumbs up means a job well done – all handed in and ready to be sent off! This was all done in a week by the way – we worked pretty hard!

Hope you enjoyed that insight – I’ll post more about our campaign soon. Fingers crossed the judges like our work!

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