Last night was a big night for Graphics students at Lincoln – our first big night out together. Back when I was a first year, the 3rd years organised a fundraising night out – CMYK. We had such a great time, meeting people from other years and just letting our hair down. It’s been talked about in a few student rep meetings before – how it would be nice for all of the years to mix together, so we decided to have a go at organising our own night out – RGB.

For the past month Dani, James, Helen and I have been pestering everyone in the studios to buy an RGB ticket – people are probably sick of our faces!

We set ourselves a target of 70 and thought we might be able to stretch to 100 if we was lucky, however, we sold 160 tickets in the end!

We were really impressed by everyone’s involvement and hopefully last night made up for all of the pestering:

Green team – the 2nd years!

The Red (1st years) and Green (2nd years) teams seemed to mix really well…

… and we were even joined by some Creative Advertisers! Thanks guys – I hope everyone made you feel welcome.

Team Blue – the 3rd years! Hopefully the 1st years don’t find us as scary anymore – they can pose in photos with us 🙂

Revs were kind enough to put on shot limbo with free shots for us…

… which was fun to watch! And then we moved on to Lola’s…

… where sadly our RGB signs didn’t make it through the night ha

I had a great night and I hope everyone else did too!? The night raised over £350 for our end of year show from the sale of tickets and then we also have some money to come from selling shots! Overall, a successful night if you ask me! Who’s up for the next one?

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