Triangle Friday #35

Happy Triangle Friday! The other evening advertising student, Adam Holcroft, tweeted me saying ‘saw this and thought of you’ with a link. I didn’t really know what to expect, but felt like living life on the edge opened it to find this:

Krystall is a branding and packaging project about a triangular chocolate bar by Riccardo Carlet.

Triangles and chocolate? Possibly the best combination ever! Obviously there is already everyone’s favourite triangular bar, Toblerone, but I think more triangular chocolate needs to happen. If I was feeling a bit down, this would cheer me up no end!

If only it was real – I can imagine breaking a piece of this bar would be really satisfying with a great snap sound effect.

A great find Adam, thank you, and I’m glad that triangles remind you of me. He said that he ‘can’t see anything triangular without thinking of Tri Fri!’ which I absolutely LOVE. Have I managed to brainwash you all with my blogging? 🙂

If, like Adam, you see something triangular and think of me –  get in touch. I hope everyone has a tri-tastic weekend. And this isn’t triangle related but if you haven’t already, check out the competition I’m running until next Sunday where you can win a cool metallic ink Helvetica Poster – see here for more details.

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