Auction 13

When I was at college, my tutor received a poster from one of his ex-students, Toby Burkill. It was an awesome poster; it was an St Brides Design Auction poster! Screen printed in a rainbow of colours, it inspired me when I finally got the opportunity to try my hand at screen printing a year later (which I can’t believe I just linked because that photo of me is horrendous but nevermind)! I hadn’t decided where I wanted to go to University at this point, but it’s weird to look back at that moment now. After researching a few different Graphic Design courses, I found that the awesome St Bride’s poster was produced by a group of Lincoln students. I went to the open day, fell in love and the rest is history!

It’s a weird, but great feeling to now be planning our own Design Auction as Lincoln students. Obviously, we can only dream of the success that the St Bride Design Auction achieved but we are up for the challenge of continuing the Lincoln auction tradition – it was Lincoln that started off the design auction idea back in 2007 after all!

The first auction was held in TPH back in April 2008 and the second at St Brides Library, London in March 2009. Both were hugely successful and raised A LOT of money for the end of year shows. For more info about those, check here.

2013 is the year of Auction 13. It’s the last year at Thomas Parker House, so how else to end the tradition, than with an idea that was born there!?

Auction 13 is a postcard auction where we are asking designers, illustrators, typographers, photographers and creatives of all disciplines to get involved.

What happens? We send them a postcard, they doodle/ sketch / stick something on it and send it back to us and we admire it and share it with the world. We’re planning an online auction so people from all over the world can have a chance to bid on a unique piece of design.

We’re excited about it – are you?

We’ve started to send emails out already and it’s a brilliant feeling receiving replies – so many nice people out there that are willing to help us!

In the meantime, please support us and follow our progress through twitter and our blog.

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