Triangle Friday #36

(So I scheduled this post for last night at 9PM and it’s taken me until now to realise that it didn’t post! So sorry, but looks like it’s Triangle Saturday today haha)

Happy Triangle Friday! You might have seen my posts about my room being emptied/ now empty. I’ve been living without my possessions as an experiment to see what it feels like and if I actually need all of my stuff. The findings? I don’t need half of it, but I end up keeping it ‘just incase I need it for a project’ – Graphic Designer problems! Well, I saw this the other day:

French brand, Paper Tigre, have created a triangular storage system – What a great idea!

They come flat, 8 in a pack (4 open and 4 with lids) and then you can assemble and arrange them however you want! At €39 they’re a bit out of my student budget, but if you’ve got cash to spare… I accept gifts 🙂

I would need a whole walls worth of these to fit all of my junk in, but it would look pretty tri-tastic.

Maybe I will invest in some when I get a studio space, or maybe I will just get rid of my junk!? Less is more, right?

Hope you guys have a tri-tastic weekend. Don’t forget my Helvetica Poster competition ends Sunday, so there’s still time to enter! And as always, get in touch if you find anything triangular – I’d love to see it!

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