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Only the other day I was thinking about how I’ve been really good with blogging this year – 77 posts this academic year already! However now it comes to the busy part of the year and unfortunately the blog posts will probably be few and far apart. I’ve got a to-do list longer than my arm – Dissertation, ISTD, Barrie’s new project, Auction 13, Show Thirteen (check out a new designer of the day, everyday!) and sleeping. That is my life at the moment.

Some good news – my ISTD submission is basically finished now so that’s one thing (almost) ticked off the list:


Next up is the deadline for my Dissertation next Thursday, which I haven’t really talked about here. Maybe I will do a post once it’s all done and dusted!? Until then, I’m going to hide in my room (which unfortunately has all of my stuff back in now) and finish everything.

If you get bored/miss me check out the Auction 13 blog or the Show Thirteen blog (manned by yours truly… which I’m still working on & will do a proper post about soon)! Like I said… I’ve been busy!

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