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The University library started a system called ‘More books’ just after christmas where students can request new books that are needed for studying/dissertation. My dissertation looks at women in Graphic Design – the attitudes, successes and problems faced. As a female about to go into the industry, it’s something that is very relevant and I find it really interesting. I found that all of the books on women and design in our library were either about feminist art or celebrating the female form – not really what I wanted! So I put in a request for 2 books more specifically about women in Graphic Design. A couple of weeks later my housemate Amy said she’d seen something in the new books section which reminded her of me:

One of my books had arrived!

Women in Graphic Design 1890 – 2012 by Gerda Breuer and Julia Meer is a great study of the development of women’s roles in Graphic Design. Although half of it is written in German, it contains some insightful interviews and case studies of female graphic designers around the world (in English – yay!).

From Irma Bloom…

… to Paula Scher, this book is the perfect resource for my dissertation! It even includes sections from other books by female designers like The boat by Paula Scher:

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s an A-Z of female designers at the back:

From April Greiman to Jessica Hische – old and modern female designers are featured side by side giving a great overview of history on the topic.

Unfortunately 3 other people have requested the book so I have to return it, but I’ve definitely learnt a lot from it. Thanks University of Lincoln library!


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