Triangle Friday #39

Happy Triangle Friday! On Sunday my tutor, Barrie, sent me an email about a triangle drawing app. I hadn’t seen it before so I thought I should investigate…

With this as the icon, I was excited. Bold and striking – i love triangle patterns!

The Triangle draw app, developed by Simon Strandgaard, allows you to create simple, black and white drawings made from triangles.


Users can create random geometric shapes, letterforms and patterns.

Controversially, I’m not really a fan of the app. ‘But it’s triangles and you like everything triangular?’ – you say!? I think it’s ok – some features are nice. But I don’t think they’ve pushed it to it’s full potential – triangles are the best shape around after all! I might even develop my own triangle app in the future… who knows?

Triangle draw app for ipad is available from the itunes store.

Are you going to buy/ do you already own the app? What do you think about it? As always, I hope you guys have the best kind of weekend – tri-tastic! Don’t forget to get in touch if you find anything triangular.

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