Triangle Friday #41

Happy Triangle Friday! We’re back to design after last week ha

I found this tutorial a while back but, like most things, I’ve not had time to try it out yet! It’s similar to the Paper Tigre triangles… but the creative decisions are all yours! There’s templates and everything here – really helpful.

I quickly had a go at making one to start my sculpture off…

So I’ve got my scissors, bonefolder, sharpie and template printed onto the reverse side of my yellow card ready – all set!

So I cut the template out, scored it and did some triangle doodles on it… (and of course the sun went in so my lighting is now rubbish!)

… and then I got some double-sided tape and cut it to size for the flaps…

… and Voila:

Again, sorry for the bad lighting in these photos – I just did them quickly. So who’s going to make their own paper pyramid?

It would be great to see anything you make so get in touch. The triangles could work as photo pyramids or paper weights too. I promise when I get around to making my own, you’ll be the first to see!

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