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Now, before you say anything… please read the title to the tune of this.

The sun is shining, The Beach Boys are playing (on youtube) and I have been featured on ImagineThat’s blog:

Have a look here. ImagineThat feature creatives from a range of disciplines, so why not submit your work? 🙂

You guys might have guessed that I can talk/write for England, but I actually found it quite hard writing my bio – not sure why. I guess it’s trying to get that balance of personality without sounding cheesy. I love a bit of cheese and I’m allowed to sound cheesy here, but it’s not the best first impression is it?

If you’re reading this, you’ve found my blog 🙂 But if you ever forget where to find me, I’m now linked here:

I’ve got my own orange circle (bottom row, 2nd in from the left) in The Caseroom Press’ links! I feel really honoured to be linked on the same page as these brilliant creatives, so thank you Barrie & Philippa!

If you haven’t yet checked out The Caseroom Press’ work, look now for an amazing collection of typographic and letter pressed works.

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