Hunger is usually a negative thing – you need or want something that you don’t have. Hunger magazine is what you want and need – it is possibly the best designed magazine on the shelves right now (although I’m a fan of 1883 too). It describes itself as being ‘for the culturally and visually hungry’ and it definitely delivers!

On Thursday issue #4 was released and I headed to my local WH Smiths to get a copy. Hunger is a biannual publication, so it’s a long wait in between but it’s completely worth it! With Ian Rankin as Editor in Chief, Hunger was guaranteed to be awesome in my opinion.

For less than £5 it is an absolute bargain with over 432 pages – it’s almost a book! I bought issue #3 a while back, which had a fluorescent pink spot colour – this issue uses silver:

An introduction to the cover girls – Rita Ora, Iggy Azelea, A*M*E, Gabriella Aplin, Grimes and Jessie J. 6 girls, 6 covers – I chose Jessie J.

The contents page is full of text, yet so spacious and doesn’t feel cluttered even with images as well.

In fact all of the magazine is so spacious – they get the balance just right through out. Even when a page is text heavy, it doesn’t look too much:

The title pages are simply silver with text in white:

It’s beautiful!

The interviews range from models and musicians to actresses…

… such as Gemma Arterton. Her article contrasts Hunger’s crafted typography with some delicate but interestingly skewed cropped images. Also featured…

… are TV presenters Ant & Dec! An odd choice if you ask me – I wouldn’t have placed them in cool, edgy and forward thinking Hunger magazine. But hey, Hunger is a magazine that will keep you on your toes!

I love the title of Selma Blair’s article – it’s simple but striking and of course it helps that there’s a triangle instead of the A!

Hunger’s typographic detailing is one of the best elements. The typeface stays consistent, but it changes in subtle ways to be playful and quirky:


… upside down & back to front…

… delicate flourishes…

… connecting lines..

… free to roam…

… confined in a diamond…

… and dripping onto the page.

I had to highlight this – an interview with Phillip Schofield! On par with the Ant & Dec interview in bizarreness for me, but still – lovely photography and typography!

And it still continues…

… falling…

… in lights…

… in an elevator…

… in a square. So simple but with so much personality – I love it! It just proves that you don’t need complicated, in your face titles all the time.

The last section of the magazine is framed with silver – a great detail . The whole magazine is just amazing. And I’ve only shown you 5% of it – there’s still over 400 pages to explore. Got £5 burning a hole in your pocket? Feed your Hunger! 😉

Like I said, it’s quite a while in between issues, so check out the website for more:

So who have I convinced? Let me know…


  • towerastextiles

    10/04/2013 at 9:48 am

    Even before I read your last line I was going to post saying that I now want this magazine! Great review 🙂

  • lovemeloveleigh

    14/04/2013 at 7:25 pm

    Quite amazing blog here. I also love NYLON, BONJOUR, and MARIE CLAIRE runway edition. Nylon is the only one that is monthly. I am a great collector of magazines, am a fashion designer, and promote world peace.

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