Triangle Friday #42

Happy Triangle Friday! It’s mad to think that I’m 10 weeks away from completing a whole years worth of Tri Fri features! I haven’t decided what I’m going to do just yet – would you miss Triangle Fridays if they ended?

But before that, there’s still 10 more posts at least! I found Tauba Auerbach’s work on Pinterest the other week and was instantly drawn to it. I wonder why…?

The splash on her website has these pretty hard to read, but cool letterforms:

I think her Ugaritic Alphabet is interesting too.

Tauba has published several books including 2,3 – a collection of 6 pop up books.

The above is my favourite for obvious reasons – it’s tri-tastic. Black and white is so striking, and 50/50, another of Tauba’s books proves that:

Tauba summarises it: 100 Pages 100 Patterns, 50% Black 50% White.

I am a big fan of patterns, especially triangular ones!

Have you seen any triangular patterns? If so, get in touch – I’d love to see them! Hope you all have a tri-tastic weekend!

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