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Triangle Friday #46

Happy Triangle Friday – It’s been a long day!

This week, I’ve got something really relevant to what I’ve been busy with recently. Since January I’ve been part of the Auction 13 team and it’s finally the week of the auction! We’ve got 25 brilliant postcards up for grabs here so go and bid on your favourite now – all of the money raised goes towards my degree show, Show Thirteen.

We asked The Caseroom Press, our tutors Philippa and Barrie, to contribute and today we received their postcard:

I’m really smiley because… it’s a triangle!

Barrie typed it on his typewriter in black and red – it’s lovely.

I will definitely be bidding on this one when it goes up on Auction 13. Have a tri-tastic weekend and get your bids in before 6PM on Sunday here. And as always, get in touch if you find anything triangle related.

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