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Triangle Friday #47

Happy Triangle Friday! I’m still in that busy period at the moment so you’ll have to bear with me, but of course I can’t miss Tri Fri!

I’ve not spent much time sleeping recently but the sleep I have had has been enhanced due to the recent purchase of a tri-tastic duvet! You might have spotted it when I posted a snippet from my new additions to the Metamorphosis project:

I was in Wilkinsons with Glen and Sara when they said they’d seen something that was ‘me’. Once I’d seen it, I couldn’t resist buying it and it was a bargain too – £12 I think. It appears that the double is now sold out, but if you have a single bed triangle dreams are still available to you!

And to complete the triangle lifestyle, you can buy a matching cushion and picnic items:

Thanks to Wilkinsons, we’re now able to actually eat, sleep and breathe triangles 🙂 Has anyone bought any of this set or seen any other tri-tastic homeware? As always get in touch if you have – I’d love to see it/buy it all. Enjoy the weekend and I wish triangle dreams to you all!

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