This week it’s been all about planning my panel (planel) in preparation for Show Thirteen. I’ve chosen to just show one project (you’ll be able to see the rest of my work in my portfolio next to it!) and it was approved:

Oh look, there’s Barrie arrrsss-ing around!

The tutors have placed everyone now so we can get to work on our panels – some people have painted their panel but I’m keeping mine white as I think my swear words are colourful enough 😉 I’ve not got anything to hang just yet as the plotter broke this afternoon (typical!) so I’m just using odd ends of paper at the moment:

Can’t wait to get it all finished. The Private View night isn’t too far away now – eeek!

In other news, I’ve also been working on finishing my Metamorphosis project:

It’s only taken about 3 days to cut, photograph and edit all of these. I’m still waiting for all of the feeling to come back in my fingers from all the scalpel-ing!

Oh, also take a look at the quick video invite I made for Show Thirteen:

I’m looking forward to meeting some new people between 1st and 14th of June – are you coming to see Show Thirteen? Now back to work I go…

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