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Triangle Friday #49

Happy Triangle Friday!

Now, I know technically it’s Saturday but I was a bit busy last night as it was my end of degree show so I tweeted a Tri Fri ‘on the go’ – I think it was a good enough excuse!

It was the Show Thirteen private view last night and some of the second years came to help us by manning the bar. They did an amazing job and I’m not just saying that because of their drinks display…

… although I was pretty pleased – it looked great! Tri-tastic drinks:

Thanks to all of the helpers (Liam, Sara, Glen, Mo, Nancy, Yulia, Becca, Paul, Joe, Zach) – you’re all stars!

I plan on doing a post all about the night at some point so keep an eye out for that. As always, I hope that you all have a tri-tastic weekend and let me know if you see anything lovely and triangular!


  • Chas Spain

    01/06/2013 at 2:34 pm

    Excellent hospitality – congrats on the end of degree show – it’s a great achievement

      • Chas Spain

        06/06/2013 at 1:31 pm

        It can be daunting – but there’s a world full of triangles out there to create and discover – hope you plan to keep blogging :>

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