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A long time ago (back in November would you believe!) I posted about my business cards, but with the degree show in mind they’ve had a bit of an update:

With my panel focused on my dictionary of swearing and insults, ‘Mind your language’, I decided to use my typographic explorations to match. I thought it was a good idea to get my work ‘out there’ and end up in random places. Even though creatives are renowned for swearing, it’s still quite unusual to see swear words out in the open. They’re almost like a novelty, receiving giggles and sniggers. If you took one of my cards and have stuck it somewhere (the more inappropriate the better), send me a photo pretty please! That would make me very happy.

I used a variety of my experiments, and ended up choosing 16 because I couldn’t whittle it down anymore. It was quite amusing watching people choose their favourite card/ swear word on the private view night – that made me smile. I’ve had nearly 70 taken so far, but I still have 130 left – it’s sad to see them go but as long as other people are enjoying them I’m happy.

I ordered them from moo if you’re wondering – I’d recommend it. Good quality, fast delivery and not a bad price (£50 for 200) considering I had a lot of different designs!

If you haven’t got one of my cards, get yourself down to Show Thirteen! You’ve got until Friday 14th June… but I’ll probably still have loads left afterwards ha Maybe I will give a couple away on here? Would anyone be interested in winning a couple, I don’t know? Get in touch if you’d like to get your hands on some…


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