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It’s taken me a while to get here, but finally here’s my post about New Blood 2013. One thing I discovered from writing this was that a lot of the students are really hard to find online – some don’t even have websites, which I find a bit weird.

So it’s that time of year again… the sun is shining and the newest creative graduates are planning the next moves in their career. Last week I went to London for D&AD New Blood to network and check out the competition. Here’s Lucy & I being drawn into the New Blood pattern ha:

This was my 3rd year visiting and, although Lincoln Graphic Design didn’t exhibit (Creative Advertising did), it was great to see the competition. Wearing my special necklace, I was ready to explore work from some of the best creative talent from around the UK…

… but before I get into the work, just quickly needed to mention that I loved the branding this year:

You can’t go wrong with triangles can you? A really striking job by Kin Design which you can see here:

So Lincoln GD didn’t exhibit but Emma & I were there repping Show Thirteen, handing out a few publications and leaving some on the Lincoln CA stall (Thanks Mike & CA guys).

The stalls were buzzing with people, a friendly atmosphere and great work:

Beginning with Ramona Hartmann’s hipster version of Monopoly – Metropoly, of course! I also liked her strip of ticket business cards.

Also from Middlesex, Saulo Amaral’s Kaleidoscope posters looked great.

From the Edinburgh college of art, Ailie Hutcheson and Zofia Seymour’s fundraising idea for the Lake Victoria Disability Centre caught my eye:

Ampersands are a favourite amongst designers, so it’s no surprise that Helen Player from Staffordshire University’s V&A work proved popular (it was featured on Creative Review):

I also liked Sarah Baskeyfield‘s colourful identity for GF Smith:

I thought Charlotte Alcock’s packaging for Schwartz was clever – ‘taking your taste buds to new destinations’:

I thought Sheffield Hallam’s little business card area was clever:

Very organised!

I find that the University of the West of England’s stall always has a lot of brilliant print work on show:

Of which this booklet entitled ‘Can women be experts?’ caught my eye (I did my dissertation on women in Graphic Design remember?):

I’m always impressed by Southampton Solent’s stall as they go that little bit further by branding themselves and handing out really nicely designed things. Last year they had aprons and screen printed fresh meat posters and this year again, a lovely poster was being handed out – handled with flair (see it towards the bottom of the post):

In terms of work, Alex Watson‘s Anamorphic type caught my eye:

I thought the Ryan air ticket machine from a Bedford College student was quirky:

There was a range of great work from the students of Leeds college of Art, including Mitch Weaver’s Visual Resistance and Charlotte Bourke‘s ‘The Romantics’:

Nowrich University of the Arts seem to bring the most students to New Blood, meaning that their stall is always bursting with brilliant work. I really liked Alisa Barter’s funky packaging for Hawaiian inspired Kettle chips:

Aswell as the branding for Redwell beer brand by Jason Drake, Tim A’court and Samuel Povey:

and Morgan Swain’s work for Batiste was fun and clever (and obviously the D&AD judges agreed)

Jo-Ann Lovric’s cute illustrative Quality Street was a nod to the sweet’s heritage:

I found Lillia Bolton and Alisa Barter’s V&A hoarding idea interesting too:

I also liked the type work by Bath Spa’s Lucy Pendlebury…

… bold type, good hierarchy and grids – can’t go wrong!

As I was leaving, I saw a girl(whose website I just stumbled across – Sophie Balch) at the University of the West England stall in a sandwich board which made me smile:

I made a promise to myself not to pick up so much stuff this year as I’m living back at home now and trying to get rid of a lot of my stuff, but I picked a few things up:

Including brochures from the University of the West of England, Hull, Northumbria and Ravensbourne, whose blue hued print I thought looked great:

Oh and here’s that Southampton Solent poster I was talking about:

I really like it – simple and striking.

So, it wasn’t the New Blood 2013 that I had been imagining for 3 years (I’m sad that I didn’t get to experience it as an exhibitor of course), but it was great to see talent from the rest of the UK’s newest creatives.

Emma & I also went to a talk from Elmwood, so check back for that in a bit!

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