The end of the beginning

What seems SUCH a long time a go, back in September I posted ‘The beginning of the end’. At the time I meant that it was the start of my last year of education. Now that my education is over, I’m twisting my own words and now it’s ‘the end of the beginning’. I’m really sad to have left Uni, but what I’ve come to realise is that my education is only the beginning of my career! The next 12 months are going to be really scary but also really exciting so I need to man up and just get on with it.

I’ve had an amazing 3 years at Lincoln – the ups, the downs and the memories:

1st year: Back when we had time to sketch in coffee shops!

1st year: CMYK night

1st year: Getting stuck in a lift!

1st year: a BBQ to celebrate surviving a year away from home!

2nd year: A crit with David Pearson!

2nd year: Making hand made books with Philippa!

2nd year: Scavenging cardboard off the street for the inter-year challenge!

3rd year: Divide magazine – the magazine which ironically divided my friendship group!

3rd year: The first RGB night which raised over £400!

3rd year: That time when emptying my room and having fun with my friends got me a 1st! (there was a bit more to it btw ha)

3rd year: Convincing 28 creatives to contribute to Auction 13 and raising over £300!

3rd year: Building Show Thirteen!

3rd year: Receiving an ‘Outstanding student achievement’ award!

My gown and cap are ordered and I will graduate on 5th September (which is pretty late compared to everyone else). Hopefully the sun will be shining and it will be a great end to a great experience.

It’s a bittersweet feeling, but I guess everything happens for a reason. It’s on with the next stage of the journey now – scary!

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