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A couple of weeks ago I travelled to Nottingham for my second interview since finishing Uni. I admit, I’ve been quite picky with the jobs I’ve applied for – I don’t want to just go anywhere, work for free and be put back on the conveyor belt at the end of the week to make way for the next intern. I want to learn, gain experience and get involved, not sit in the corner for 2 weeks. Sorry, rant over ha

So anyway, the interview was for a branding and design internship with Frequency Festival, a bi-annual digital arts festival in Lincoln which began in 2011.

Not only was it a paid internship, but it also offered a personal development plan too. It sounded like the ideal opportunity for me (incase you don’t know why, here’s some reasons!):
I love Lincoln.
I love design.
I love appreciating and writing about design.
I love festivals.
I love people.
I want to learn more and gain experience.
I’m against working for free.
I don’t know what I want to do next.

Sounds like a perfect fit for me, right? So I had everything crossed when I went for the interview. I saw on Facebook and twitter that quite a few of my course mates were also headed for the interview, which made me more nervous.

After I came out of the interview I didn’t know what to think. I felt like it had gone well but at the same time I felt like I’d really bigged myself up. I know you’re supposed to sell yourself but I didn’t want to come across as being big headed and arrogant. I’m quite confident and outspoken yet don’t like to boast about myself and I don’t know how to take compliments either(I have issues!). I think I had forgotten actually how much I have achieved – from volunteering to awards, I have done well. So on one hand I felt quite good about myself, but there was also the worry that they thought that I thought I was amazing. So (of course) I rang Emma and she said I was probably just being silly.

And maybe she was right… I got a call last Wednesday offering me the internship! And there you have it – the beginning of a new adventure/chapter in my life. Pretty exciting!

So, get ready… You guys are coming on the journey with me!


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