Sketchbook: LDN to LCN

So now that I’m getting into the habit of taking my sketchbook with me, I have a couple of sketches from my travels. I didn’t get time to sketch in Nottingham but I made a flying visit to London at the weekend to see my friend’s band (Young Aviators – Irish rascals) play a gig. The morning after, I found myself in Kings Cross for 4 hours:

It’s actually quite hard to find somewhere to sit with an interesting view without being bothered by noisy children or people asking for spare change in Kings Cross. But I sat near the announcement boards for a little while so sketched it, but I think I got a bit too happy with the thick marker.

From London, I got the train to Lincoln where I’m staying with Sara and Glen whilst I’m at my internship (thanks guys!). Lincoln is a beautiful city with lots of places to sketch, so I headed up Steep Hill and sat opposite the Magna Carta pub:

With the golden postbox outside and the lovely buildings I thought it was the perfect place to draw… and then it started to rain! So there’s my barely started sketch complete with ink splodges. I’ll be going back when it’s a bit drier hopefully at the end of the week.

What has everyone else been sketching?


  • Roman

    15/08/2013 at 11:58 am

    Театральные декорации!
    Могу открыть окно и улыбнуться тебе. 🙂

    • graphiquefantastique

      20/08/2013 at 11:41 pm

      Thanks to both compliments ha No I can’t say I have any #FANNAILS but there’s always a first time for everything 🙂

      Ah sounds awesome – I wish I could afford a moleskine, not that I need one though (I own 25 blank sketchbooks ha)

      Your painting is lovely – is it watercolour? I’ve been thinking about using watercolour over the top of my pen sketches but I’ve not tried it yet as I’m a bit scared. I’ve never properly used watercolours so I find them a bit daunting – eeeek! I look forward to seeing your moleskine full of lovely paintings 🙂


        21/08/2013 at 8:32 am

        Yes! The painting is in watercolor, you can try it first in another paper and watch tutorials on youtube to start. The tutorials are pretty good! And remember to use a thick paper with this technique!

        You have 25 sketchbooks??!!!?! Better if you fill that one’s and then buy a moleskine! 🙂

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